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What We Do


Every Child's Right

CASA for Children provides quality court-based advocacy for abused and neglected children. Children are referred to our program from a variety of sources including the juvenile court judges, attorneys, caseworkers, service providers, teachers and family members. 

CASA advocates are matched to a child's case where their skills and training will benefit the children most. CASA advocates work to get their child’s court case expedited in addition to helping the child they’re working with find a permanent home as quickly as possible.

Abused and neglected children need more than the foster care and child welfare system can provide. CASA recruits, trains and coaches citizen-volunteers who advocate for abused children in the community and in the courtroom. An abused child with a CASA volunteer is:

1. Twice as likely to be reunited/adopted, than to linger in foster care
2. Half as likely to re-enter foster care
3. More likely to have a plan for finding a permanent home, especially children of color
4. More likely to have better educational achievement

CASA Success Story

Sara had never attended school, even though she was nine. Her CASA fought for her to stay in a classroom with her peers for half a day and have intense tutoring the other half and it paid off. Sara was able to catch up to her class before the end of the year.

Our Impact This Year

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